Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The video was last updated on November 27th

This Movember I have decided to shave off my facial hair in the name of charity and grow a moustache. I have no idea how long its going to take to grow fully, but I'd be happy to accept suggestions for style. I shot this stop motion video of myself shaving the beard off and trying out a few different styles in the process. Which do you think I should stick with?

I shot the video using off-camera flash. Its a very simple one-light setup, because its going to have to be up all month so that I can take photos every day of the tache doing its thing..

For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, its just a white shoot through umbrella to the left of the camera with an SB28 flash inside it at 1/8 power. The camera is set to F11 at ISO800 and a shutter of 1/250 so I can shut out all of the ambient light.

I'm using low power so that I can take a bunch of photos in fairly quick succession. I could probably have pushed the ISO a bit more than ISO 800 and squeezed more out of the flash but I might start to get some ambient light creeping into the pictures. The flash is triggered with an elinchrom skyport radio transmitter and I'm using an RF602 trigger to trigger the camera. I just used windows movie maker to create the video. Its very clunky and I'm sure there was better out there, but I didnt do much planning as you can probably tell.

To get everything close shot on shot, I have marked where to put my feet with some gaffer tape on the floor and the camera is locked down on a tripod so that it doesn't move. I've also marked where the tripod feet are so that if it does move I can put it back.

Most people take part in Movember to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer, but If you would like to sponsor me, I would prefer the money to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital that looked after my daughter Christina so well when she was born.

You can send your cash here http://www.justgiving.com/monster-munchkin

Alternatively if you are in the UK you can send money by text by texting


To: 70070

You can send more than a pound if you like and you can still add gift-aid by following the link that you get sent on reciept of your SMS