Friday, 23 January 2009

Lighting Diagram Creator

Ive always wanted to be able to create those sexy looking lighting diagrams that some people make, but not owning a copy of photoshop I can't use the tools other people use.

Fortunately my friend Huy has created an online lighting diagram tool. Its in beta and doesn't work with internet explorer yet, but it does work reasonably well with firefox and google chrome. Thanks Huy!

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  1. Hi Paulo,
    Thanks for the post about the tool.
    Also to let you know that you can use the free picture editing software coming from the Linux world: GIMP. GIMP is able to open PSD files and used combined with the online tool you could do a screen capture and add comments etc... to it.

    See you this evening mate.

  2. Hi Paulo,

    there is also "photoshop express" and flauntr, both online tools which offer some limited photoshop style functionality.


  3. For some that might be interested, there is also another alternative on iPhone called Strobox that you can create lighting diagrams with. You can check it out more on . Hope this helps some of you.

  4. This is a link for a good free lighting diagrams software :
    You can create, save, print, export in JPG lighting diagrams without internet connection.
    Tjis lighting diagrams creator for photography is free