Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lunchtime Walks Revisted

One of the many new year's resolutions that I have managed to a keep was to walk every street within walking distance of the office at lunchtime. I had made a map of the the area surrounding my office, a square two kilometres on each side. It took me a while, but last month I coloured in all but two streets.

I had a few difficulties. One was keeping track of where I had been, the maps I had printed weren't detailed enough, but zooming in made it tricky to stick to the map boundaries. Marking the locations that I had been to was also a little tricky. The square boundary meant I was missing locations that I could feasibly get to within my lunch hour.

What I needed was a circular overlay on google maps and a way of marking the streets I have travelled down so that I can print at any scale without losing track of the boundary. With any luck, if I have figured out the google maps API there will be a map below that does exactly that.

I'm going to start all over again and this time I'll take my time over it and take more photographs. I have also expanded my range to a one mile radius. The red square is the area where I have walked every street so far. So you can see there is still a lot more to do in the expanded area.

Edit:You might have noticed if you are visiting this page that there is a hide blog link below the map. This will make the map display at 800x800 for printing.

NB: The map may stop working on occasion as I am making updates


  1. Every street? That's a lot!

  2. It is a lot, I had thought it would take me all year, but it only took me a couple of months to walk that sqaure marked in red.