Friday, 10 October 2008

Strobist at Maplins

Update: I have bough the one with the flexible arm and it looks like it might not be stiff enough to cope with a flash head. I will do some experimenting when I get home with it

I popped into Maplin's today to see if they had anything handy. I wasn't looking for anything specific, you know, but they have stuff and maybe some of it would be handy for something? You know what I mean? I was quite surprised to find that they are selling some photographic accessories that might be handy for a strobist and at a reasonable price too.

The first item that I saw was a large photography clamp for £9.99 which had a ball and socket head on it. Its designed to support a compact camera so it would probably be fine for a flashgun. The clamp is a little on the large side, at least as big as a bogen superclamp, but not as secure.

They also sell a clamp with a gooseneck and ball socket which looks like it could be very handy for tight spaces. Its the same price as the regular clamp so seems like good value. The bendy neck is about a foot long.

The final little gadget they sell is a suction clamp to be honest it looks a little on the flimsy side but if it can hold a compact camera without falling it will probably hold a flashgun. But I wouldn't want to put a DSLR on it.

Click on the images to visit the Maplins website.

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