Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Annie Leibovitz At Work

I couldn't resist it, I was at the National Portrait Gallery exploring Annie Leibovitz's exhibition and there was a copy of her book for sale, discounted by five pounds. Thats all I needed to know, five pounds off, I could claim to the wife that I had saved five pounds.

Please don't tell my wife that you can get it with £8.50 off at Amazon with free delivery

The book takes you on a journey from the time she was travelling with her parents through to pretty much the present day and explains the background to the photos that she took throughout her career. At the end of the book there are two chapters on equipment and the ten most frequently asked questions.

Don't expect too much detailed technical information, what this book is really about is the insight into Annie, the way she works and the wealth of photographic history that she carries with her to every shoot. If you have watched the recent documentary about her life you are likely to get a strong sense of deja vu reading this book, but it is a good read all the same.

My one complaint about the book is that there pictures are quite small. Considering that the retail price is £25 I would have liked to have seen bigger prints. But I did have a chance to flick though it before I bought it so I shouldn't really complain.

The exhibition itself is absolutely packed with photos, some of them very well known and many others very personal. Well worth a visit if you are about in London. And let not forget the discount you can get on her books.

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