Monday, 9 February 2009

Drew Gardner Cheap

No I'm not saying that I had a bad date with Drew or anything, its just that Drew is going to be releasing a new video at Focus On Imaging on Sunday 22nd Feb. Its called "Location Lighting with Drew Gardner" and The Flash Centre are taking pre-orders for it for just £20. I haven't watched it yet, but at that price I may well take a punt.

Eric Joakim, Regional Sales Manager, Phase One, said: ‘This is a superb instructional DVD taking the viewer through every aspect of a major location shoot (actually 2 of them!) from the planning stage right through to exactly how the final image is achieved! Drew is overwhelmingly generous with the information that he divulges, more than any other DVD of this type that I have seen.”

You can view a preview on You Tube.

1 comment:

  1. If you've been watching strobist DVD and others such as Zack Arias, then you're likely to find Drew's DVD is "pants" in comparison, no offence.

    I bought it from the flash centre website directly, paid £7.71 delivery (inc vat) by city link courier (cheapest option available). The next morning Royal Mail postman knocked on my door demanding a signature for first class recorded, how much was the postage? A whooping £1.43!

    Speaking of the content itself, two location shoots, nothing else, very lack of technical details, more like a commercial for Elinchrom ranger pack. One thing I did walk away with was "to set up lights one at a time", which most shooters do anyway.

    The so called post production is a joke. Drew merely points out what needs to change on a photo, next thing you see, all changes miraculously show up, job done! ... what on earth???

    If you would like to really learn about photography and location lighting, go for strobist and Zack Arias's onelight workshop DVD. Stay away from this one.

    Drew, if you ever come across this, and you genuinely want to share your technique and knowledge with young photographers, show it, this is not it, far from it actually.

    Strobist and Zack's DVD might cost more, but they are worth every penny. You get what you pay for, but I'm afraid in this case, you don't. For £27.71, you can pick up two films and study cinematography lighting, and they provide much better entertainment value, too.

    It is not worth your money nor your time.