Sunday, 17 May 2009

Phottix Triggers and Hasselblad

Poverty BladOne of the disadvantages of the Phottix triggers that I recently purchased is that they don't have a socket for sync cable so if you have a camera without a hot shoe your going to have a spot of trouble jamming the hot foot of the trigger into the sync port of the camera. Fortunately I had a kaiser hot shoe with a PC cord knocking about so I was able to plug that into the PC port on the lens of my Hasselblad.

So far so good you might think. I wind up the Hasselblad, trip the shutter and FLA-DAP! no flash. It turns out that the foot on the trigger doesn't play nicely with the Kaiser. The trigger foot has the centre pin off centre, so you have to put it into the foot wide end first. Your probably going to want to tape that connection because there is no locking pin.

With the trigger hanging off the camera its not going to be a terribly reliable connection, so you will need to get some sort of bracket to attach it to the camera. You can get an accessory shoe that will fit on a Hasselblad but I used a flash bracket off a Metz potato masher. It attaches to the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera and a tripod post can be mounted into one of the holes on the bracket. There you have it, its not pretty, but its functional.

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