Thursday, 7 January 2010

I Need Your Help

I have made some changes, so readers in the United States can help support this blog by purchasing through my amazon affilate links. The blog will now detect where you are browsing from and display either or The commission I get from amazon purchases gets spent on more books which I can then review for your entertainment. Its not a great deal of money, certainly not enough to pay for the time and effort that goes into the blog but every penny is appreciated. And now I'll get to appreciate the dimes as well.

This process doesn't always get it right, so I would like you help in identifying any issues.If you find that the blog is displaying innapropriate amazon links, could you drop me a comment to tell me where you are coming from, what browser you are using and any other appropriate information.

Thanks for your cooperation, and if you have bought anything through the blog in the past. Thanks again.


  1. The widgets on the right hand side appear to be showing ads, but at the bottom right, there's an advert.

    I'm in Australia, using Firefox 3.5.7.

  2. Thanks Martin

    The code that modifies the links runs prior to that ad, so I'll either remove it or knock up a special case. Looks like its never had any clicks so I may as well remove it

  3. The "some good books" and "lighting kit from amazon" widgets both show as US to me (UK based, Firefox 3.5.6 on Ubuntu 9.10). the very bottom amazon widget is as I'd expect...