Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Where Children Sleep

If the Harry Potter's step family the Dursly's were ever to buy him a present then I think it would be the this book, because it would illustrate to him that living in a cupboard below the stairs is the lap of luxury in comparison to the place where many children around the world sleep at night.

James Mollinson's book is not meant to be a campaign to raise support for needy children, though it may well be seen that way. It is really just a series of environmental portraits of children for a variety of nations and a variety of backgrounds. These are environmental portraits with a twist, because he has shot the children separately from the backgrounds using a neutral backdrop and presented the child portraits alongside their environment.

The pictures alone speak volumes, but I think the project comes alive with the text that accompanies each photo, describing the life and ambitions of each child. From the very richest to the very poorest.

It's James's hope that children will read this book and think about inequality and perhaps figure out a way to respond in their own lives. Certainly my six year old daughter Christina enjoyed flicking through the book looking into the lives of other children. She was very much interested in the room of Kaya, a four year old from Japan, whose room was neatly stuffed to the rafters with dolls and soft toys. Christina told me, "I'd like to play with them"

My eldest daughter Caitlin read through the book and the story she found most shocking was of 4 year old pageant queen Jasmine Peters from the USA. Caitlin told me that she could understand how children could fall into poverty, but not one of constant rehearsal and preparation for beauty pageants.

As I wrote earlier the book is not a campaign but James was aided by Save the Children. Seeing as they get no money from the sale of the book I have decided to donate the difference between the retail price of the book and the discounted price on amazon to Save the Children. Furthermore, I will donate my amazon commission from any sales of the book made in November and December.

I have set up a just giving page where I will put my donations, I would hope that you could donate at least the amazon discount back to Save the Children if you buy the book.

If you are in the United States, the amazone links should automatically link to, but if they don't, you can get to the book from this link

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