Thursday, 6 March 2008

I'm back

My Current Wife in the Blue LagoonIve been a bit quiet of late because I've been busy getting married up in Scotland and then my current wife and I headed off to Iceland for our honeymoon. We took nearly 3000 photos in scotland and Iceland and our wedding phoographer gave us a CD with 300 images, so we have been busy sorting them into albums and making a slideshow for the wedding party this Saturday. No doubt I will be taking loads of Photos at the party too. After the party is over that will be it until the sordid affair and a messy divorce

(only kidding).

I did start drafting a blow by blow account of our trip to Iceland but after writing 2000 words about the first couple of days, I thought it would be extremely unlikely that anyone would read the whole thing. So you are going to get the abridged version.

Iceland was brilliant, it was a shaky start, there was a lot of rain for the first two days and we didn't get to see the best Reykjavik had to offer, but the Blue Lagoon made up for it, we were blessed with an amazing sunset and the place was quite magical.

We went on a jeep safari after it had started snowing and we saw loads of amazing landscapes. We tried to get up on a glacier, but the weather was so bad that it was impossible to continue and the snow made it very hard to get a decent photo because it kept getting on the lens and with white sky and white land it made the photos a little flat looking.

On our final full day we went on a golden circle coach tour and it was spectacular, the weather was great. Lots of blue skies and we experienced some amazing sights. Chief among these were the Gulfoss water fall and the Geyser.

It is very expensive to eat in Iceland but the food really is very good. We recommend Vin & Skel on the main shopping street. Everything we had was cooked to perfection and it only came to about 11,000 Krona for the two of us. Considering the standard of the food was so high you would quite easily pay similar prices for food of that quality in London.

But for a real budget eating experience, the hotdog stand by the Radisson Hotel does great hotdogs for 210 Krona. Bill Clinton had eaten hotdogs from the very same stand. I have to admit, the thought of Clinton clutching a hotdog made me feel slightly queazy, but I got over it.

I want to go back to Iceland as soon as possible, who wants to join me? Icelandic strobist meet anyone?

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