Thursday, 28 August 2008

Biggest news of the year

No this really isn't another Nikon D90 post, I mean it is quite exciting news and all, if I had the cash I would jump ship to Nikon immediately, but I guess I will have to wait until Sony bring out their video enabled DSLR, it won't be long before everyone has one.

Anyway now that I have your attention, I though I would tell you about the news, that is more exciting to me than anything else. Joe McNally is writing his sequel to The Moment it Clicks. Its available for pre-order on amazon and will be shipping in Janary.

I had sat on this news and emailed Joe, hoping that he would tell me what the book would be about. He did in a way, as soon as he got back from china he posted a huge teaser on his blog.

The new book looks like its going to be a cracker, and its going to be about small camera flash, so it will provide a fix for you Xenon addicted photographers. Go read about it from the horse's mouth and pre-order your copy.

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