Wednesday, 14 January 2009

London Marathon

My Wife's friend Penny is running the London Marathon this year and will be donating her sponsorship to Great Ormond Street Hospital. She chose GOSH because of the help we got there, when my daughter Christina was born. If you can spare a couple of quid (or dollars) to help support this remarkable hospital and encourage Penny, I would be very grateful. If you don't, I'll start doing some nude self-portraits and post them to all the flickr groups I'm a member of. You have been warned!

Donate here Just Giving


  1. Nude self portraits?!?! Quick - where's me credit card! ;-)

    Wish her all the best - great charity choice.

  2. Thanks Paul, I was a little worried that people might actually want to see me naked. Maybe you could spread the word back in .misc?

    I may have to set a target amount and start posting pictures one garment at a time until the 26th april