Sunday, 12 April 2009

Grasping for Inspiration Video

I wrote about a shot that I took at the recent London Strobist Meetup in Camden. Inspired by the likes of Chase Jarvis and a number of other photographers who have been doing similar things, I have posted a video montage of the sequence of shots leading up to the final image, warts and all. There are two shots that came out of this session, the one that I wrote about and another that came about through rotation of the camera. You'll notice that a lot of the shots are very similar, that's because I had the picture in my head and spent some time trying to get the model to match that. As David Hobby says, when you have the lighting right, its time to start taking pictures, not time to stop. The music in the video is Soul Migration by Light Manuzi with whom I have struck a stoneage deal, I'll be shooting some pictures of them and they are letting me use their music for my videos.


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  2. Nice work. Was an excellent day and nice to see it shown in an interesting way.