Thursday, 2 July 2009

Have Some Pride

PICT0361Its The Pride London Parade this weekend. Of all the parades I have photographed over the years Pride London is the highlight of them all. What makes Pride London so special is that everyone there actually wants to be there, and not only that, they want to have a great time. Other parades the people are usually there because they are obeying orders or they are obliged because they got flown out from the states at great expense and now they are in cold grey miserable London when they would rather be back at the hotel snorting coke off a cheerleader's tits.

But at pride, no matter the weather, everyone has a blast. The last time I was there it rained so much that my viewfinder and lenses fogged up and I missed the actual parade while I dried off in a nearby pub. Fortunately I had a press pass and got some good pictures in the pit in front of the stage at Trafalgar Square. The highlight for me one year was when I was able to persuade the leather clad conductor of the open topped Motor Sports Club bus to let me on board and I got the above [insert adjective of choice] image.

Sadly the day clashes with so many other commitments of mine that I haven't been able to go for the last couple of years. So I would like you to go in my place this year and bring me back some pictures. The weather promises to be good this year, so you'll see lots more people. Arrive early at the assembly point in Baker Street and you can get some images of people getting ready for the parade. There are loads of characters, but you might have trouble getting any candids as anyone who sees a camera will immediately play up to it. You strobists can take your gear along and do some portraits, you'll find more receptive people than anywhere else. Take your business cards along too because you might sell some prints.

In previous years the parade route has been quite porous, I saw plenty of people without passes walking the route, so you should be able to slip through and get the odd shot. Try to get a variety of shots not just portraits but wide shots that show a sense of place. Shoot the crowd you should get some great reaction shots and there will be a few interesting characters lining the route.

Let me know how you get on and have fun, fingers crossed for good weather. If you want more information about pride London go look at the website

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