Saturday, 5 January 2008

Creative Lighting Techniques for Studio Photographers

Santa brought me a copy of this book by Dave Montizambert. In fact he thought it was so good he brought me two. Like Light Science and Magic, this book attempts to define the terminology so that the lighting techniques can used as a sort of tool box, rather than teaching a particular lighting set-up. Some of the case studies presented were of uninspiring images, but all were described in great detail. Whilst it is nowhere near as comprehensive as a book like Light Science and Magic, this book is a goldmine when it comes to showing how to control specular reflection edge transfer.

Though much of what is presented is pertinent to flash photography, the really surprising stuff is in the use of continuous light sources, if you are into product photography this stuff will be very useful to you.

I'd recommend it as a complement to Light Science and Magic.

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