Friday, 4 January 2008

Good Composition

This year I'm going to put as much effort into composition, as I have into lighting in the last. I want to make my photos a bit more complex. So I will be seeking out blogs and web sites that talk about composition.

My first foray unearthed David Tejada's musings on composition in his blog post, What makes good composition

What I like about this article is the way that David graphically decomposes the compositional elements in his photos, by selectively washing out different areas.

I did a little hunting around and found something similar for artists Composition - Understanding it - Using it by Larry Seiler.

What you might notice is that the principles are the same, but Larry uses a formal vocabulary for describing compositional controls.

Now there's a thought. Could we have a blog tutorial like The Strobist's Lighting 102 I'd love to do something like that only I haven't achieved anything approaching guru status... yet.

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  1. Hi Paulo,
    Stumbled across your blog, didn't know you had one - I can see I'm going to have to sit and read for a while!
    Back last year, I did some tutorials on composition, mainly for beginners, but it never hurts to revist the principals :-)
    Thanks for coming to my exhibition on Sunday - nice to catch up again.