Wednesday, 2 January 2008


As soon as I make my new year's resolution, disaster strikes. My Digital SLR has died. Ok so it hasn't completely died, but none of controls work and the camera is stuck in AEL mode, which means I can still shoot with flash as long as I adjust the flash power to match the metering on the camera, but that's not terribly convenient. So this means I'm going to have to order a new camera as I would be surpised if I can get the camera repaired in time for my honeymoon in Iceland.

Of course this means that my picture a day will have to be taken using the Hassleblad or my Dynax 7, which means I won't be posting the results very frequently. There will be no more strobist chimping either, I'll have to use a light meter. I can't even use my old Olympus, because that died a couple of months ago.

To cap it all, Virgin Merda still haven't fixed my internet connection, so ordering a camera online or updating this blog will be challenging to say the least.

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