Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I haven't made a new year's resolution since I was about 16 years old. So I figure that means that I should make at least 22 new years resolutions to catch up.

Looking back over the last year of photography, its clear to me that I haven't taken enough pictures, I need to get out with the camera a lot more. I need to put all the techniques and skills I have aquired into practice and I need to be more structured in my ongoing photographic education. Another thing I need to do is to concentrate more on composition and take shots that I wouldn't normally take, the lighting technique has been getting in the way of this a little. By shooting more, I make the lighting technique become second nature and concentrate on what really matters.

So here are my new years resolutions in no particular order.

  1. Take a photograph every day: I'll be posting these on this here blog. I'll be using my lunchbreaks for this.
  2. Take a portrait every week. This one might be tricky, as I don't want to do a self portrait every week and my family will soon lose patience, so I'm going to have to accost people on the street.
  3. Hold a Work Photography day once per month. I have been running photography sessions every other month at work, I want to do this at least once per month.
  4. Talk to my local bar about photographing bands. There is live music at the end of my road almost every night, I should have a word and see if they will let me in for a few minutes everynight to photograph the bands. It would also be a great location for shooting environmental portraits.
  5. Walk London at lunchtime: I work in Holborn and can get as far as St Paul's and back in my lunch hour. I'm going to attempt to visit every road within walking distance of my office. I may need a map :)
  6. Use the blad: I have a Hassleblad, which has been woefully neglected, I need to use it more
  7. Complete a project: I will go through some ideas for projects I have and follow through with one. The aim would be to produce a coherent body
  8. Submit a story to Jpeg magazine: This could go hand in hand with the project
  9. Re-read all my photography books: So many good books, I need to go back through them again and be inspired.
  10. Light Science and Magic: I will go through this book and treat it as a series of excercises to master the techniques.
  11. The Big Shoot: I miss the thrill of the big shoot, I need to organise some with MUAs and stylists
  12. Be an assistant: I feel I get a lot out of assisting other photographers, I will do a few assisting jobs

Ok so thats just 12 resolutions, lets see how many I'll be able to keep and maybe I'll add a few more.

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